Alen Dennis
Motion Graphics Artist
He loves Books reading, listening to Music, watching Classic Movies, and Food is his main interest. Mostly found coding, dreaming, or imagining himself in hypothetical scenarios.

Anuskha Garg
Graphic Designer
A day-dreamer and an idle ideator who can’t restrict to just one field like the norm but likes to explore everything she discovers. Is in love with universe while physics turns her mild.

Apoorva Kashyap
Voice Artist
In a world full of people chasing those aesthetic goals, she’ll be seen on my couch with a cup of ice-cream, cause who cares everyone’s gonna be in heaven someday.

Nidal Shariff
Graphic Designer
He loves to admire the architecture and reshape it in my mind or design it in his own way on canvas. You can find him learning and analyzing stocks in his free time.

Pratyusha Yerukola
Graphic Designer
A foodie, an over thinker and a UX/UI aficionado working towards making it as her career. She is enthusiastic and ambitious. She believes in taking actions for today instead of dwelling into the past.

Priyanshu Chatterjee
Voice Artist
A dancer by heart. He is too busy working on himself and helping everyone around which makes him happy. Believe in living outside of his comfort zone. You’re most welcome to his world.

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