Pradyumn Mane
Chief Inspiration Officer
Cycling enthusiast and a secret foodie, he has authored two books well before turning twenty. When he is not writing on stuff like Particle Physics and Black Holes, he could be found honing his Karate skills.

Prapti Garg
Chief Momentum Officer
A physicist entangled in engineering, who is a fervent environmentalist. She’s a clean freak sailing through the cosmic ocean voraciously reading books, stargazing and contemplating the universe.

Anand Nadar
Chief Strategy Officer
An International Chess Master who is mesmerized by the cosmos. He can be often found explaining the gigantic Graham’s number to strangers. His enthusiasm towards changing the world is fueled by his never-ending desire to learn.

Ramahanisha Gunda

Ramahanisha Gunda
Chief Operating Officer
Food, work and sleep, she loves them all without discrimination. A people manager par excellence, she is an AI & ML aficionado who could often be found exploring technology, when not asleep.

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