Samiksha Sawant
Editor in Chief
An aspiring physicist with several dreams. If she’s not studying then she can be found writing poems. A nut trying to figure out her future for the past 21 years.

Uzma Hussain

Uzma Hussain
Technical Content Editor
Till she receives her Hogwarts letter, she leads an eco-friendly life, inspiring others along the way towards a better future. She’ll sing until your ears go numb hoping to heal the earth with her voice! 

Akansha Sharma
Technical Content Creator
Innovation and leadership come hand in hand for her. She believes that practical knowledge is crucial to attain the pinnacle of success. She explores new ideas and innovations, keeps learning and keeps going towards success. 

Ayush Sinha
Technical Content Creator
He identifies as an eager learner with a deep interest in physics, and aims to share his knowledge and experience with others. Sharing scientific knowledge is how the scientific community can grow.

Divya Jothi Balu
Technical Content Creator
Ambitious about progressing to be a vanguard in anything she does, Physics is what she chose first. When she needs to unwind, she loves developing startup ideas, writing stories and watching movies.

Krishnakumar Dubey
Technical Content Creator
 He is a foodie and a fan of superhero stories. A technophile who is curious about the cosmos. He debates the existence of an alternate version of himself or a glitch in matrix. 

Palak Gupta
Technical Content Creator
 Fascinated by the celestial bodies, she is driven by the wonders of the night sky. A curious girl and would-be astrophysicist who loves to question everything and has a never ending desire to learn.

Ratna Patel
Technical Content Creator
 She’s passionate about flying, the colors of the sky throughout the day. She appreciates the beauty of nature and thus loves physics. She’s a fan of professor Walter Lewin and Richard Feynman.

Risham Parmar
Technical Content Creator
 An under-construction experimental physicist, can often be found talking to her set up or analysing data sets. She can talk about anything under the sun, as long as it’s not bad science. 

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