Pradyumn Mane
Chief Inspiration Officer
Cycling enthusiast and a secret foodie, he has authored two books well before turning twenty. When he is not writing on stuff like Particle Physics and Black Holes, he could be found honing his Karate skills.

Prapti Garg
Chief Momentum Officer
A physicist entangled in engineering, who is a fervent environmentalist. She’s a clean freak sailing through the cosmic ocean voraciously reading books, stargazing and contemplating the universe.

Anand Nadar
Editor in Chief
An International Chess Master who is mesmerized by the cosmos. He can be often found explaining the gigantic Graham’s number to strangers. His enthusiasm towards changing the world is fueled by his never-ending desire to learn.

Dhruv Pasari

Dhruv Pasari
Chief Content Creator
A jack of all trades and a lover of classics, he is a crazy dreamer who generally forgets 90% of his dreams. But his remaining 10% are pure gold for us.

Arinjoy Banerjee

Arinjoy Banerjee
Chief Research Analyst
A book-loving debater and guitarist, he oscillates between words and chords with equal aplomb. He intends to leave his mark on the universe before he goes to the ground state.

Pulkit Bhardwaj
Chief Evangelist
A tech follower you could easily bribe with coffee, he could often be traced to a nearby Starbucks. With bearable cooking skills, he is eager to develop friendly relationships with everyone.

Ramahanisha Gunda

Ramahanisha Gunda
Multimedia Content Creator
Food, work and sleep, she loves them all without discrimination. A people manager par excellence, she is an AI & ML aficionado who could often be found exploring technology, when not asleep.

Govind Krishna Lal Balaji

Govind Krishna
Digital Architect
A Sci-Fi fan, a Physics fiend & an epicure, he would often be found gaming or coding. An amateur chef who cooks and loves sapid food, he is a Quantum and Cloud Computing aficionado.

Poulomi Chatterjee
Digital Architect
A Je Ne Se Quoi. She is a little curious about everything and an avid reader who wants to create harmony and justice. She intends to influence the world with her breathtaking designs.

Manvi Gusain
Voice-over Artist
An artist, a die-hard foodie and a daydreamer who is chasing blinding colours of paradox, she would often be found entangled in the mysteries of the universe, filling her bottomless pit of curiosity.

Khushi Srivastava
Social Media Manager

A sci-fi fan fascinated by Physics, would often be found thinking about company strategies and solutions. Though she loves cooking food and eating it at the same time, sleep is her best friend.

Uzma Hussain
Media Content Creator
She’ll sing until your ears are numb, hoping to heal the earth with her voice. But till she gets her letter to Hogwarts, she innovatively leads an eco-friendly life, inspiring others toward a better future.

Divyanshu Daftari
Media Content Creator
A die-hard football fan found all the time around the ground, he is ever curious about extraterrestrial things. A worshipper of Elon Musk, he can talk about space and theories all day.

Srishti Saxena
Media Content Creator
She is calm, but enthusiastic about new ventures and risks! Her dream is to fill this universe with bright colours wherever she goes. She is determined to achieve all her aspirations.

Roshan Sharma
Media Content Researcher
A physics geek, a chess enthusiast and a curious learner. He’s athletic and will run from A to B to fulfill your needs. He’s approachable, so contact him whenever you feel like jamming.

Ankan Chakrabarty

Ankan Chakrabarty
Core Content Creator
A size-defying national level table tennis player, he is a jumbo eater whose size vindicates his appetite. Fascinated by how the universe works, he could be found making circuits when not pursuing research.

Dhruv Kukreja

Dhruv Kukreja
Core Content Creator
An adventurer and a curious cat, he is a literature aficionado who loves football and pizza in same measure. A quintessential challenge seeker, he intends to change the way we look at the multiverse.

Saptashaw Das
Core Content Creator
Physics aficionado. He is haunted by stars and the silent night sky. His love for physics has fueled his exploration from Quarks to Quasars. A book with a cup of tea are his constants.

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