Quantum machine learning is at the intersection of two of the most sought after research areas—quantum computing and classical machine learning. Quantum machine learning investigates how results from the quantum world can be used to solve problems from machine learning. Here, we review the previous literature on quantum machine learning and provide the current status of it.

Published: September 2020
Publication: Springer
By: Aakash Warke; Valay Jain

Optimization and analysis of novel thermoelectric module is proposed in this research paper. The simulation for four thermoelectric modules were performed in COMSOL Multiphysics 5.4 software and detailed analysis of these thermoelectric modules were carried out. 

Published: November 2019
Publication: Vibroengineering PROCEDIA
By: Pradyumn Mane

In this research paper performance analysis of thermoelectric generator by using lead telluride, perovskites, skutterudites and tetrahedrites has been proposed. The performance of thermoelectric materials and thermoelectric modules has been calculated.

Published: September 2019
Publication: WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy 
By: Pradyumn Mane

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