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About Us

Physics Mindboggler (PM) is a social venture launched in 2016 and supported by Bennett Hatchery, the on-campus incubator at Bennett University, a Times Group initiative. Fascinated by physics, we strive to share its beauty and scope with the young generation.

We firmly believe that scientific research fuels economic growth and hence strive to inspire young minds with this ideology. We also aspire to carry research beyond papers by linking it to entrepreneurship.

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Science Kits

PM is pleased to redefine your gifting ideas with the grand launch of our new vertical 'Science Kits' in collaboration with 'Box of Science'.

These kits are based on the principle of 'Learning by Doing' and every kit serves as a powerful tool for self-learning. The kits are mapped to the curricula of 1st to 12th standards of all major boards.

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Hilbert Space

Share your discoveries, creations, passion and connect with right target audience by hoping into PM's Discord Server.

'Hilbert Space' is a hub for science, physics, and research lovers. It connects you with like minded personalities, opportunities to join clubs, to participate in events, collaborate, and much more!

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Campus Ambassador

At PM we are looking for Eintein Emissary who would like to come aboard to address the problem of science phobia and help us build a hub for science lovers.

As PM's Einstein Emissary get exciting research opportunities, connect with renowned scientists, opportunity to launch your Startup, and much more! So are you a Science lover?

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